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Caring For Children

Bring your child to experience the joys of childhood at our childcare center today and have a less stressful life of looking for healthy and safe childcare.

Welcome to Turtle Pond Childcare Center

Welcome to our turtle pond academy where we value new friendships, new ideas and new ways to learn for your child.

What makes us who we are?

We nature the spirit of growth through transformation programs for your child and tender care from our experienced teachers at turtle pond academy who just make it possible for your child to thrive best. It matters allot, to have your child here than in any other place you may think of. We give you all the reasons to regret nothing bringing your son or daughter here. We develop them into exceptionally strong, individuals with a sound social and educational foundation. We impact them with core moral values and principles of respect and mutual understanding. They develop the ability to work as a group and have fun constructively.

Children find our turtle pond academy a home away from home where learning and social life never was a known thing in their lives. They discover how learning is enjoyable and fun. These realizations give them the morale and extra yearn to learn, every time they wake up in the morning. Our dedicated childcare providers always gives the children something to smile about, a reason to stick around with comrades to learn and have fun.

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We have a dedicated team of childcare providers and staff

Every teacher and staff members at our turtle pond childcare academy is highly trained with immense skills dedicated to elevating your child to reach their full potential. Our teachers have a high degree of discipline and possess impeccable childcare attributes including:

  • All of them have state certification that meets the state childcare requirements
  • They have complete academic standardization and specialized curriculum qualifications
  • They train in-depth on childcare and child development milestones
  • They receive yearly professional development training through our turtle pond educational department
  • They continuously sharpen their skills, knowledge and expertise on childcare topics including handling, behavioral challenges, confidence
  • building and social skill development.
  • Our Turtle Pond academy has an ideal learning environment

    Your child would have no better place to be than our turtle pond academy for moral, academic and intellectual nurturing. We have plenty of space and environmental friendly facilities that inspires inquisitiveness and enhances learning. We have enough teachers to attend to all the students in a more satisfying manner. Our classrooms meet every need of any child basing on:

    • Infants – plenty of floor space and toys to stimulate optimal development
    • Twos – this group has wide range of developing skills and we address it accordingly
    • School-aged Children – we provide adequate facilities for social interaction, individual exploration and opportunities to test independence and individual growth.

    We also ensure that these classrooms and learning facilities in our turtle pond academy meet the required sanitation conditions. We disinfect all items that meet the students and teachers. turtle pond educational centers are your child’s ultimate learning partners.

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