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Our learning facilities

Our facilities are top-class and education based to provide our young kids every learning opportunity along the way. The free-flowing open concept design of our facilities inspires a nurturing interactive and collaborative environment in which your child can thrive better. The design of our classrooms was not a shoddy work of unprofessional designers but an excellent work by the most experienced classroom designers. These classrooms, designed for every age group needs, provide room for children to grow and mature, share and be themselves. The level of comfort they offer is unquestionable. At la petite academy, we apply the open spaces and open concepts mindset that triggers brain growth for your child.

Safety and security

Furthermore, safety and security is our top priority while handling your precious little ones. Each of our la petite academies has thorough security measures that help to ensure the safety of our children. These measures include among others:ul>

  • Secure lobby and classrooms – we enforce electronic locks in all the entrances such that if no one knows the pin to use would remain outside the rooms. Visitors should check in at our reception to authenticate their real intension for the visit.
  • Visitor precautions – unfamiliar visitors must produce photo IDs at the reception area. It is imperative also that even when authorized to pick a child, you must produce photo IDs when not familiar to the school administration.
  • Equipment safety – we ensure that all the equipment used for playing are harmless to the kids in our la petite academy. We perform regular monitoring to ensure that they conform to good working conditions.
  • Apart from all these security measures, we make regular updates to ensure that you can easily track your child’s experiences and stay in our day care center. We regularly take photos and videos that outline the kid’s life in school.